Did my bit .. small one


It pains to see what the people in Uttarakhand are going through. It is even difficult for me to imagine the travesties falling on those hapless souls just sitting in front of a screen thousand of kms away. When news channels started broadcasting the aerial views of the area and thousands of people stranded below, it invoked in me a feeling of disgust. Disgust towards authorities for not acting swiftly, towards politicians for being and acting one, towards the people around me for not giving a shit but mostly not able to do anything constructive about it.

Behind the saddening rise in death toll, there are unspoken tales of heroics. The Indian army is in it’s relentless and charitable best in the rocky and unliveable conditions of Uttarakhand. After reading this NYTIndia article and gliding through this batch of pictures from Tehelka, I couldn’t resist but try finding ways in which I can help. I knew that sitting this far from the epicentre of tragedy I could do no ground work. Giving a financial hand was the sole means by which I could contribute. So I started searching for charities that are doing the genuine work on Uttarkhand flash floods situation.  

Donating money is always easy if you know it’s for a noble cause.  I was planning to buy something on apparel sites but then I just put it on hold. I thought this is life and death we are talking about, I will always get enough money and time to show off. I went searching and fortunately found this tweet by Harini Calamur. It was all I needed.  I for some inane reason wish not to select PMs relief fund to channelize the help. Maybe the news is having major impact on my mindset (not my fault, is it?). I chose Goonj because it doesn’t matter, the roads converge at the same spot.     

So go don’t look back because there is nothing to fear about. Do your bit. Make your life a little more worthwhile. Dont just sit at home and spew curses at the administration. We have lost many but a lot many can be saved.  Maybe one day you will see a hand extended from the other side.  Never know.

Images: Tehelka