The Wait

The fear was always there. The fear of losing out and left behind in the race. I am not gone lie the thought of seeing myself drag on while other sail off on the golden horizon.  How do I know what’s right for me? What’s the metric, the factors? The 101 climbing social and professional heights are very well documented and one expects you to fall in line and wait. People you know are waiting along the climb, hanging in there with their wisdom and much know how. It’s like being in a loop, a full harrowing clock and as you strike 9 you know someone will show up to remind you of your privilege, duties.  Good people at 9 know what’s good for you. Here’s your pot of everything you should stay away from, you have no right to fear them if you don’t venture out, listen follow the clock.  It’s for the long haul.

FYI : Left my job and i am in waiting(unemployed and not miserable but waiting to be there) now. Next few posts will follow my mental degradation